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CircuiTree Bio-Exploration Learning will integrate project-based curriculum with technology by engaging students in nature, inquiry, engineering, and scientific process through investigations and analyses, using laboratory equipment, specially designed instructional materials, and interactive technology.

The CircuiTree Instructional Modules
These modules will help all students learn cross-curricularly about renewable energy science through student readings, science journals, student projects, and mathematics that quantify results of scientific investigations and experiments leading to the dissemination within multimedia avenues engaging students in the arts. More specifically, specially designed technology will allow students to collect data and analyze correlations between tree and plant electricity with other environmental conditions to apply in multimedia technical reports and classroom publishing. Students will exercise higher-level thinking and decision-making skills appropriate for grades 4-6, with the future goal of expansion to grades 7-12.

Instructional modules will include both formative and summative assessment resources, allowing the continuous monitoring of progress. Included will be student and teacher self-assessments, ongoing assessments, and authentic assessments with rubrics. CircuiTree modules will promote learning STEM skills along with the arts by transforming bioelectric signals to music and art to help students combine cognitive and affective thought processes. The units within CircuiTree’s modules provide teachers with hands-on materials and activities to promote concepts and processes based on the authentic scientific process of inquiry. Students participating in the activities will learn transferable science concepts and processes in meaningful and relevant, project-based, real-world contexts.

CircuiTree Bio-Exploration modules and interactive virtual lab and the hands-on approach will give the program flexibility with a blend of cognitive skills and affective sensibilities about how trees can be a source of electricity, music, and hope for our future on earth. Although modules have the content to be a complete program, they can be used on a selective basis concurrent with existing science curriculum.

Establishing and maintaining a program that accommodates the daily changing technologies of our world will facilitate early exposure, exploration, and access as well as STEM and STEAM career exposure addressing underrepresented gender and races/ethnicities. Trees and plants providing electricity is a unique approach that students can apply to their lives and communities. The program will create awareness regarding the effects of human imposition on the environment and how we can better protect and preserve our resources.

Be a part of the action in making our vision a reality!

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CircuiTree Bioenergy Science Kit