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Voltree Power’s CircuiTree™ Bio-Exploration Science Kit will help inspire the next generation of scientists. CircuiTree helps children (and adults) understand the science behind tree power and encourages hands‐on engagement in the sciences by lighting LED’s with tree power.

Your donation of $25 or more will:

  • Enable the purchase of the CircuiTree Bio-Exploration Science Kit
    with 1-year of the CircuiTree Instructional Modules for a child/classroom
  • Plant a tree with; help empower women entrepeneurs in India

  • Planting a tree through
    In appreciation of your donation of $25 or more, Voltree partnered with to plant a tree in the East Khasi Hills, part of the Meghalaya subtropical forests ecoregion in India. This region is considered as one of the rich biodiversity centres of the Indian subcontinent bioregion. Known as the wettest place on earth, the district is home to sacred forests, many of which include large ancient stone monoliths that date back many centuries and serve as refugia for endangered species.

    Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Land Restoration
    The forest restoration simultaneously tackles poverty by building community capacity and supporting sustainable enterprise development, with particular focus on establishing 20 new women-run nurseries.

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Why The First "Tree Power Science Kit" in the Classroom Matters
Kids spend 4-7 minutes/day outdoors! Childhood divorce from nature is costing their physical/mental health. Re-engaging kids with nature combined with project based learning = creativity, retention and innovation. 

A child’s relationship with nature developed through the lens of science is a precious resource that must be cultivated and nurtured through environmental experiential learning activities in order to preserve the environment and foster discovery. This is true for all children living in all environments both urban and rural.

Hands­on STEM learning, problem solving and critical thinking are sorely lacking in K-­12 education limited by resources and professional development. Connecting formal school learning and applied science and engineering is detrimental to the goal of producing creative, innovative citizens, workers and leaders, who can imagine a vibrant, sustainable, economic and civic future.

The CircuiTree Bio-exploration Kit provides an opportunity to ignite the imagination of the teacher and learners and to expand their world vision as a place that can be interrogated, understood and altered. It encourages them to traverse the silos of the school building and school personnel, literally and figuratively, to participate in environmental experiential learning and STEM play in a natural setting that engages the mind and spirit.

Early exposure to these wonders along with awareness of depleting natural resources will foster a passion for sustainability among next generation scientists.

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Anna P., Age 13 Winner and Designer of the CircuiTree Logo
CircuiTree Bioenergy Science Kit