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Advisory Board
Joan Dauria
  Arthur Dimopoulos
  Victoria Henderson
  George Jackson
Alec Karys
  Linda Plano
Management Team

Advisory Board

Alec Karys
Founder & CEO at Genesis

Alec Karys Voltree Power Advisory BoardAlec has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, technical team manager, consultant, start-up Advisor, Mentor,  coach and Angel investor.

Previously,   Alec was CTO at mShopper and Senior Software Manager at Amazon,  responsible for all technical aspects of the Amazon Affiliates Program which had revenue of over $1 billion and over 1.2 million members. Alec was Co-Founder and CEO at Synapse Ventures Group, a virtual incubator which provided  consulting services to early stage technology companies. Alec has served as CEO at Cognate Technologies, an E-Learning company based on patent pending technology from MIT research. In addition, Alec has experience at various other technology and services companies where he held senior management roles such as at Authoriszor (NASDAQ: AUTH), InterQual (NYSE:MCK) ), a medical protocol company and Data General Corporation acquired by EMC, a leading developer of minicomputers. Alec has three issued patents in medical protocol authoring and delivery, and mobile shopping/mobile commerce.

Alec received his MBA and Electrical Engineering degrees from Northeastern University and attended the Engineering Executive Program (SEEP)  at Stanford University.

As a member of Voltree’s Advisory Board, Alec brings expertise in executive leadership, strategic direction and growth.