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Voltree Power integrates emerging technologies to provide smart, cost-effective and innovative sensing solutions that allow its customers to Monitor, Communicate and Respond while being environmentally responsible. We focus on three key goals in support of our vision.

Integrated Systems
Voltree Power is focused on developing integrated systems that provide highly automated, cost-effective, low-maintenance solutions to real-world sensing and telemetry problems. Our immediate focus is low-power wireless sensing networks and automation systems for homeland security, environmental and agricultural monitoring, meteorology and climate science, residential and commercial fire detection and prevention, and a host of security applications. Our integrated systems are designed with cost-effectiveness and ease of use in mind, while still being versatile and customizable. We can provide systems compliant with federal standards and international platforms that can easily be integrated with existing infrastructure.

Innovative Technologies
In support of our integrated systems focus, Voltree Power is developing new technologies to solve important problems. Voltree Power has invented and patented a bioenergy harvester that converts living plant metabolic energy to useable electricity, providing a unique battery replacement alternative. This same technology is also being used for innovative sensing solutions for environmental preservation as well as natural resource protection and conservation. The bioenergy harvester does not depend on wind, light, heat gradients, or mechanical movement, is weather-resistant and completely quiet, and is environmentally benign to produce and operate. When coupled with our open-sourced software, low-power transceiver hardware, and inexpensive cloud computing, this technology makes practical the deployment of large-scale, long-term sensor networks in a variety of previously inaccessible environments, such as under triple-canopy or in hostile terrain.

Environmental and Corporate Responsibility
Voltree Power is guided by the overarching philosophy that it is ethically imperative, politically advantageous, and technologically feasible to generate high return on investment while being environmentally conscientious.