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Fuel Moisture Sensor

Irrigation systemWater, as another of the world's most vital natural resources, is predicted to be under severe stress in developing countries. World agriculture faces an enormous challenge over the next 40 years. Production will have to increase by almost 50% by the year 2030 and will need to be doubled by the year 2050.

Fuel Moisture content describes the moisture content within vegetation such as plants, crops and trees. It is a critical component in fire weather prediction, water conservation and smart agriculture. In fire weather, moisture content is the single most important factor that determines how much of the total fuel is available for burning, how much will be consumed, how quickly it will burn and what phases of combustion the fuels will support. With agriculture consuming 70% of the world's fresh water, climate change, and increasing population and urbanization, proper water management is vital for maximizing crop production to accommodate the earth's growing demands.

Voltree Power's new patent-pending fuel moisture sensor is being developed to provide critical information for fire weather, water conservation and smart agriculture.