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Advisory Board

George M. Jackson
MSO Consulting Services

George M. Jackson, Advisory Board, Voltree PowerGeorge Jackson comes to Voltree Power with a lifetime of experience fighting forest fires and expertise that is integral to one of the company’s many promising technologies.

For the first fifteen years of his career, George was one of the US Forest Service’s fabled smokejumpers. Stationed in Missoula, Montana, he received first-hand experience in the difficulties in battling blazes in the country’s remote woodlands. That field experience earned him a post as project leader for the Forest Service’s Wildland Firefighter Helicopter Rappel Program. As the program’s project leader, he designed fire fighting field equipment that has become an industry standard. His protective leg chaps for chain-saw operators have been adopted by the private logging industry as well. His success earned him a post as project manager for the Forest Service’s Missoula Technology and Development Center, one of the nation’s premier wildfire fighting research facilities since 1940. During his time spent there, he worked on more than 200 projects that refined the equipment, strategies and standards that are now part of our nation’s wildfire fighting arsenal. These include smokejumper aircraft and parachute equipment, aerial ignition equipment and helicopter rappel equipment. He also helped devise firefighter safety, fitness and work capacity standards.

Along the way, George served as a committee member for the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) and the National Fire Protection Association (NPFA). He also served as chairman for the NFPA. His most recent work for the US Forest Service as an investigator was one where his twenty-year experience in combating forest fires was applied to the study of forest fire forensics.

Since 2005 George has worked in the private sector as president of MSO Consulting Service. Working as a contractor to the US Forest Service, George is helping the agency further refine the nation’s wildfire fighting strategies.

As a member of Voltree Power’s Advisory Board, George Jackson’s lifetime expertise is a welcome addition to our ongoing collaboration with the US Forest Service to design a mesh network of low-power environmental sensors that may soon serve as the United States’ first line of defense against the threat of forest fires.