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In support of our integrated systems focus, Voltree Power is developing new technologies to solve important problems. Our Javelin product family enables the collection and transmission of sensor data from remote or hard-to-reach areas. Javelin nodes, coupled with our software and our patented bioenergy harvesting power module, are ideal for many off-grid, trickle-charge, low-current, burst-type applications where conventional periodic battery replacement is impractical. Voltree Power is currently developing systems for a number of application types, including but not limited to:

Wildland Fire Prediction & Detection
Under-the-canopy real-time data sensing (predictive)
Early wildfire radio alert (reactive)
Fire weather forecasting for resource allocation and prioritization (e.g., ability to deploy equipment and personnel in advance to areas expected to be at high fire risk, lessening the response time needed when fires occur and thereby reducing loss of life and overall costs associated with infrastructure and related damage)

Environmental & Agricultural Monitoring
Waterway/reservoir contamination and monitoring
Agricultural sensing (improved forecasts may result in over $300 million annually in avoided losses)
Drought monitoring/forecasting (climate changes that create persistent drought conditions result in $6-8 billion losses annually)
Insect & disease detection/control

Homeland Security
Border motion or vibration sensing
Radiation sensing
Illegal substance surveillance