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Javelin Product Family

The Javelin product family (Javelin Rapid Deploy and Javelin Lifetime) includes several different types of nodes that allow for the collection and transmission of sensor data from remote or hard-to-reach areas such as under the forest canopy, where it is typically difficult to collect microclimate data. Each Javelin device is a 6.5-foot shaftlike node that houses a radio transmitter, GPS, and sensor. Typical Javelin products include sensors to measure air temperature, humidity, and wind speed and direction, but Javelins can also include other sensor devices depending on the application.

Javelin Rapid Deploy
The Javelin Rapid Deploy is a short-term, battery operated, reusable, stand-alone node that is designed to be deployed quickly as part of a mesh sensor network.

Javelin Lifetime
The Javelin Lifetime is designed to be left in place over extended periods of time. Javelin Lifetime nodes are powered by various energy harvesting techologies including Voltree Power’s patented bioenergy harvesting module, which converts the metabolic energy of trees to usable electricity.
Javelin Covert
Javelin Covert are small low-cost camouflage sensors designed and placed according to terrain. The Javelin Covert is ideal for under-the-canopy or urban interface areas with high arson risk probability.
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