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Advisory Board
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Linda Plano
Management Team

Advisory Board

Linda Plano
CEO, Plano and Simple

Linda PlanoDr. Linda Plano has been coaching entrepreneurs on their pitches and value propositions since 2005. She founded Plano & Simple in 2010 in order to focus exclusively on coaching, training and mentoring entrepreneurs.

She has worked with nearly 600 entrepreneurs, and they have gone on to raise well over $500M.

Linda’s clients have included high tech entrepreneurs with startups in life sciences, cleantech, high tech, and web-based applications as well as retail business owners. Clients have included first time entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. She also works often with government, non-government, nonprofit and corporate organizations, providing a range of services to help their portfolio companies to succeed. Several of these organizations have retained her for three or more years.

In addition to the investor pitches that comprise the majority of her consulting work, she has helped entrepreneurs apply for accelerator admission and grant funding; executive directors of nonprofits with their pitches to sponsors; and salespeople and service providers with their pitches to customers and prospects. The ubiquity and importance of pitching she has encountered is the source of her tag line, “Life’s a pitch. Make yours amazing!”