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Forests have been absorbing more than a quarter of the carbon dioxide that society is putting into the air today by burning fossil fuels as well as other activities. And yet, the devastation of our forests is happening worldwide as a result of climate change. Consequently, the impact of climate change through heat and water stress is making our forests more susceptible to fires and disease. While scientists are scrambling to understand the situation and quantify this impact, Voltree Power is committed in assisting this cause through cutting-edge sensor technology.

Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) Sensor Fuel Moisture Sensor CO2 Sensor Bioenergy Sensors
Asian Longhorn Beetle, Voltree Power

Voltree Power Inc. has developed an Asian Longhorn Beetle sensor that is currently being lab tested.
  Irrigation system

Voltree Power's new patent-pending fuel moisture sensor is being developed to provide critical information for fire weather, water conservation and smart agriculture.

  CO2 Emission

Voltree Power is collaborating with a strategic partner
on a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant in providing the wireless platform for an ultra-low power CO2 sensor that will provide carbon footprint in remote areas from ambient air.

Voltree Power is dedicated to the research and development of how to use its patented bioenergy harvesting technology in ways that help preserve the earth's natural resources and serve as a possible threat detector.
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