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Voltree Power -- green from green by innovation
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Voltree Power was the first to harvest metabolic energy from non-animal organisms such as trees and plants. The Company uncovered the science behind this power source through research it funded at MIT. Today, Voltree Power is leveraging its patented bioenergy harvester, as well as other energy harvesting technologies, to provide practical, granular, cost-effective, and innovative sensing solutions with a focus on food sustainability, water conservation, and natural resource preservation. Learn more...
What's New

2019 March 12
Perimeter Solutions Forms Alliance with Voltree Power

2019 February
Energy Harvesting Industry Report

2019 January
Voltree places as a finalist in 2018 World Technology Awards for Energy

2015 January
Technology Review

2014 September
Voltree Power: A winner of 2014 Global Agriculture Innovation Challenge

2014 June
Voltree Power is part of European Commission Clean Technologies, Energy Harvesting Study

2014 May 30
Harnessing tree power: Wixon students unleash a groundbreaking form of energy

2014 May 23
Voltree heads to a cutting-edge innovation school to tinker wtih tree power!


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Voltree Power:
Part of European Commission Case Study of Clean Techologies: Energy Harvesting

The benefits of applying energy harvesting technology in wireless networks are substantial. This opens up new possibilities to install wireless sensor networks for data collection in all kinds of application environments.

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European Union: Clean Technologies - Energy Harvesting